Webinar – LTD 2022

Certification de juge national de Nage-no-kata – VIRTUEL
24 November 2021
Webinaire – DLT 2022
15 December 2021
13 February 2022 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Judo Canada is offering a new webinar that will present the latest changes on the Athletes Long Term Development Judo Canada model. The webinar will be focused on those subjects:

  • Why a review of the LTD program
  • Presentation of the “Judoka For Life” new concept:
    • Offer program promoting a healthy lifestyle
    • Leading to greater sporting success of Canadian athletes at world stage
  • Key principles for the 2021 LTD update toward the “Judoka for life”:
    • Optimal structure
    • Quality is key
    • Inclusion is non-negotiable
    • Safe sport
    • Judo for development

A Q&A session on those subjects is also planned.

Certified NCCP coaches and members in good standing will receive professional development points provided the NCCP number is included in their registration.

The English webinar is offered on February 13; 13h30 ET
Registration is mandatory:

Webinar / Webinaire


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