1 December 2021

Sélections pour les Championnats Nationaux Elite 2022- Edmonton

U18 – Femme U18 – Homme Senior – Femme Senior – Homme Voici le lien pour l’inscription des participants (date limite pour s’inscrire : 17 décembre @ […]
2 December 2021

The Destiny of Antoine Valois-Fortier

The Québécois has retired from competition and will take up coaching After proudly representing Canada on the international circuit for over a decade, Antoine Valois-Fortier is officially retiring […]
2 December 2021

A Natural Choice for Judo Canada

Judo Canada is proud to announce the appointment of Antoine Valois-Fortier as coach of the senior national team. The recently retired athlete and 2012 London Olympic bronze medallist […]
10 December 2021

Transition of athletes into coaches to develop judo further

Hans Van Essen is the editor in chief and creative content provider for Judo Inside. As journalist Van Essen visited a countless number of events. The […]


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