Coimbra Cadet European Cup 2022 (POR)
May 28 – May 29 all-day

Team / Équipe

-44 kg: Angelina McCristall

-48 kg: Charlize Medilo

-48 kg: Ekaterina Danilkov

-48 kg: Léanne Dussault

-48 kg: Monica Ortiz

-52 kg: Laurence Gagnon

-57 kg: Mahée Savoie

-70 kg: Loane Gill

O70kg: Brandu Lingley

-60 kg: Daniil Kremerman

-60 kg: Luka Tsatsalashvili

-73 kg: Lasha Tsatsalashvili



Coaches / Entraineurs:

Daniela Krukower: d.krukower@judocanada.org

Alexandre Emond: a.emond@judocanada.org

Graz – Junior European Cup 2022 – AUT
Jun 4 – Jun 5 all-day

Graz – Junior European Cup 2022 – AUT

Team / Équipe

-48 kg: Heidi Quach

-52 kg: Evelyn Beaton

-57 kg: Eibhleann Alexander

-57 kg: Kondelia Karas

-63 kg: Meadow Macdonald

-63 kg: Sarah Ekosky

-63 kg: Kiera Westlake

-70 kg: Laurence Biron

-60 kg: Norbert Peter Andras

-66 kg: Frédéric De Cardaillac

-66 kg: Yanis Hachemi

-73 kg: Munkhjin Batdorj

-73 kg: Gunner Floyd

-81 kg: David Popovici

-81 kg: Guillaume Gaulin

-90 kg: Alec Garand

-100 kg: Nikola Petrovic

-100 kg: Michael Akbashev

+ 100 kg: John JR, Messe Bessong

Coaches / Entraineurs:

Daniela Krukower

Sasha Mehmedovic

Ewan Beaton

AGM 2022
Jun 11 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm


More details to come

NCCP Competition Development Coach @ INS-Quebec
Jul 22 – Jul 24 all-day

This Judo Specific part of training of Coaches of Developing Competitor prepares the coach to support athletes in their Train to Train and subsequent development stages, in preparation for provincial/national-level competition and it includes two modules:

• Analysis of Performance Factors in Judo

• Performance Planning


  • Minimum age of 21.
  • Minimum rank of Shodan with a working knowledge of the judo techniques included in the Judo Canada syllabus (up to and including Shodan).
  • Trained Instructor (or former level 2).
  • A letter of recommendation from the provincial/territorial association stating that the participant works with developing competitors at the Provincial level, and meets the technical requirements.
  • Completion of the prerequisites (see below) – Multisport Competition Development modules and online evaluations where required.
  • Successful online completion of a “Respect in Sport for the activity leader” e-learning module available at https://judo-canada-al.respectgroupinc.com/ for all candidates who did not complete this module in the past.


MULTISPORT MODULES offered by Provincial Sport Organizations:

  • Developing Athletic Abilities;
  • Prevention and Recovery;
  • Conflict Management – followed by an online evaluation;
  • Leading Drug-free Sport – followed by an online evaluation;
  • Psychology of Performance;
  • Coaching and Leading Effectively.


  • Friday, July 22nd – 11:00 – 18:00;
  • Saturday, July 23rd 9:30-17:00;
  • Sunday, July 24th : 9:30-16:00.

All candidates will have to register here: The Locker (coach.ca) and pay the full fees of $510 which will include all the resources to be distributed in electronic format.

Coaches must bring judogi and sport equipment that will allow for comfortable Strength and training sessions in a gym.

For more information, please contact: nccp@judocanada.org



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