Fundraising initiative for the 2013 National Championships and beyond

Étienne Briand en bronze en Allemagne
29 December 2020
Étienne Briand et Antoine Bouchard neuvièmes en Allemagne
29 December 2020

First time in history champions raise money for other athletes
MONTREAL, Canada. (June 21, 2013) Canadian judo stars unite to support their fellow athletes by raising funds for the the July 4th National Judo Championship in Vancouver,
BC, Canada.

Antoine ValoisFortier, Kelita Zupancic, Sergio Pessoa, and Stéfanie Tremblay, all worldclass judo medallists, turned to worldwide leader in crowd fundraising for sports with their “support the sport” campaign to help fellow athletes raise funds towards the 2013 Canadian Judo National Championships. The funds raised by this campaign will be equally split every week starting June 18th until July 4th among athletes having a campaign on and competing at the Championship. All contributions to this campaign apply for a tax deduction.

After a successful week of fundraising, 27 athletes who had campaigns have each benefited of 33.70$. As contributions start to accumulate these judokas are excited for the next funding distribution which will take place on June the 25th.

Joining this initiative, Gill Sports & Jukado will be offering a 25$ discount on an official IJF approved Judo Gi for contributions over 60$. This promotion will last until July the 30th.

“Tous les athletes devraient avoir la chance de participer aux championnats nationaux. J’ai eu la mienne c’est le tour des autres,” says Antoine Valoisfortier.

“On behalf of my colleagues we are sure that this will give our sport the boost it needs,” says Kelita Zupancic.

About, founded by champion judokas Michael Shpigelman and David Ancor in 2012, is dedicated to providing athletes worldwide with tools and financing to fulfill their dreams of becoming champions. Managed by high-tech veteran, himself an active judoka, David Barkay, is the worldwide leader in crowd fundraising for athletic purposes. If you would like more information about this topic please call David Ancor at +1 5146199246 or email at [email protected], data about the campaign:,,
About Antoine ValoisFortier,2012 Bronze medalist London Olympic Games
About Kelita Zupancic, 2012 Olympian, 2013 Silver medalist Master World Championships
About Sergio Pessoa, 2012 Olympian, Silver medalist PanAmerican
About Stéfanie Tremblay, 2013 Gold medalist PanAmerican



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