Board of Directors

  • Mike Tamura, Chair of the Board
  • Alexander Kent, Treasurer
  • Gérald Poirier, General Secretary
  • Shu-Tai Cheng, Director
  • Aartje Sheffield, Director
  • Ruth Lam, Director
  • Nancy Jewitt-Filteau, Director
  • Bernard Letendre, Director
  • Miguel Rueda, Director

 Committees and Chairs:

  • High Performance Committee: Louis Jani (chair)
  • Athletes’ Committee: Julien Frascadore (chair)
  • Legal Committee: Claude Lesage (chair)
  • Awards Committee: Brian Kalsen (chair)
  • Finance and Audit Committee: Sandy Kent (chair)
  • NCCP/LTAD Committee: Andrzej Sadej (chair)
  • Gender Equity Committee:  Marie-Helene Chisholm (chair)
  • Grading Committee: Daniel De Angelis (chair)
  • Referee Committee: Donald Ferland (chair)
  • Indigenous & Territorial Affairs Committee: Vacant
  • Tournament Committee: Christian Royer (chair)
  • Nominating Committee: Shu-Tai Cheng (chair)
  • Screening Committee: Shu-Tai Cheng (chair)
  • PTSO Presidents Committee: TV Taylor (chair)
  • Sport Development Committee: Gérald Poirier (chair)
  • Kata Committee: Mohamad Hassani (chair)


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