The purpose of the National Team Handbook is to keep athletes and coaches informed about Judo Canada’s High Performance policies. It is the responsibility of athletes and coaches to read and understand the material in this handbook. If you are not clear on a certain policy please contact the National Coaching Staff, the High Performance Chair or the Athlete’s Representative for further explanation (see Contact Persons on page 3).


Certain policies may be changed from time to time. A policy change is considered effective upon its date of publication by Judo Canada, unless otherwise noted in the change notice. A change is deemed to be “published” on the date that the notice of change is mailed to the provinces from the national office. Policy changes will also be posted on Judo Canada’s website and we encourage you to visit it regularly.


If you have specific recommendations with respect to policies contained in this manual please direct them in writing to the office of Judo Canada. Written feedback is the only way to ensure full circulation of your ideas to the technical staff and High Performance Committee.

Athletes covered by the Handbook:

Policies specified in this Handbook apply to all judoka identified as members of the National Team, Development team, other judokas selected by Judo Canada, as well as to all Canadian athletes who participate in events identified in this publication. The High Performance committee of Judo Canada essentially deals with and is responsible for carded athletes, junior (U21) world team members, cadet (U18) world team members, senior world team members and Olympic/Paralympic team members.

International Competition Access:

Judo Canada does not have the resources to send athletes to all the international events that Canada may be invited to. A list of events that are “open” to the provinces will be published on Judo Canada’s website, along with the selection criteria or standards and application deadlines. It is the responsibility of provincial associations to apply for selection to such events on behalf of its provincial athletes by the indicated deadlines.

Athletes’ Coordinates:

To ensure that they receive National Team correspondence, athletes are responsible to provide Judo Canada with their postal address, e-mail address and phone numbers. Keep Judo Canada’s National Office updated on any changes to your coordinates.

For more information, you can find the National Handbook here:




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