Ana Laura Portuondo Isasi takes her time, finishes second

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29 December 2020
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Montréal, March 8th, 2015 – Ana Laura Portuondo Isasi won the silver medal on Sunday in the under 78 kg category during the Judo Pan American Open in Santiago, Chile.

Her medal adds to the ones won by Stéphanie Tremblay and Ecaterina Guica on Saturday. Tremblay won silver in the under 63 kg category, while Guica won bronze with the under 52 kg.

During the final, Portuondo Isasi, ranked 37th in the world, lost against the Russian Anastasiya Dmitrieva, ranked 13th. Dmitrieva won by ippon.

“I think I managed the bout well but I made a mistake that made me lose,” she said. “When she grabbed me, my reaction time was too slow. I wanted to counter her but it was too late.”

In the preliminary round, the Montreal judoka had also won by ippon against the Guatemalan Mirla Nolberto Labriel, ranked 64th.

“I scored a waza-ari, followed by an armlock” said the one who benefitted from a bye through the first round.

During the semi-final, she won by a yuko against her former teammate Sarah Myriam Mazouz, ranked 35th, who now represents Gabon.

“She’s a strong opponent for me. She’s very aggressive and her style is explosive. I had to be careful when she attacked, she could take me by surprise.”

At the end of the day, Portuondo Isasi had some positive points. “I took my time, I managed my grip pretty well and I wasn’t in a hurry. I had a good level of aggressiveness.”

Marc Deschênes finishes seventh

On the men’s side, Marc Deschênes, ranked 66th, finished 7th in the under 100 kg category.

The athlete from Laval won by yuko against the American Andrew Jacobs, ranked 111th, before first losing against the New Zealander Jason Koster, ranked 22nd, who won by ippon.

During the repechage, Deschênes lost again against the Argentinian Hector Campos, 53rd.

In the under 90 kg category, Robert Edward, ranked 165th, was eliminated after his first bout. British Frazer Chamberlain, 99th, won by ippon against the Calgary athlete.


Written by Sportcom for Judo Canada


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