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Junior World Championships – Ana Laura Portuondo-Isasi takes home bronze
29 December 2020
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29 December 2020

Montréal, January 18, 2015 – Quebecoise judoka Ana Laura Portuondo Isasi finished third in the under 78 kg category on Sunday during the African Open in Tunis, Tunisia.

The Montrealer started her day off by winning by ippon against the Italian Chiara Meucci and the Gabonese Sarah Myriam Mazouz, former member of the Canadian national team.

“We see each other a lot during training camps and we’re good friends, so it was weird having to fight against her. Sarah is a very strong athlete, very aggressive and explosive, so I was on my guards” said the Quebecoise.

Portuando Isasi’s only loss of the day was in the semi-final, against the French Madeleine Malonga. “She had also won against me during the Junior World Championships in Slovenia. I had a much better fight this time. I still have some work to do on my guard and my restart but I think I handled it better. I felt more confident because I know her better now” she said.

The Quebecoise took advantage of Olympic runner up Gemma Gibbons’ forfeit to step on the podium. Having an injury, the British had to step out of the bronze medal fight against Portuondo Isasi.

“I would have loved to fight against her because she’s a very strong competitor. I could have made more points. Of course I’m a little disappointed to have won my medal without having to fight for it, but it’s still a victory” concluded the judoka.

Alix Renaud-Roy finished 7th in the under 70 kg category. The Quebecoise first won against the American Chantal Wright before to lose by ippon against the French Marie Eve Mahie. During repechage, she lost against the Angolan Antonia Moreira.

In the same category, the Ontarian Monika Burgess lost her first bout against the French Melissa Heleine, who scored two yukos.

On the men’s side, the Albertan Robert Edward finished 7th in the under 90 kg category. After winning his first two bouts by ippon against the Australian Sebastien Temesi and the American Thomas Capra, Edward lost in the quarter final against the Swiss Domenik Wenzinger. During repechage, South African Zack Piontek won against the Canadian.

Still in the under 90 kg category, Jonah Burt lost by ippon during his first bout against the Tunisian Oussama Mahmoud Snoussi. Zachary Burt had a similar day in the under 81 kg category, where he lost his first bout against the Australian Eoin Coughlan.

In the under 100 kg category, Marc Deschênes was eliminated after his first bout. The Australian Elijah Schuurmans won by ippon against the Quebecois. Finally, Martin Rygielski lost against the French Jean-Sébastien Bonvoisin during the first round in the over 100 kg category.

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Written by Sportcom for Judo Canada

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