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Montreal, October 27, 2016  – Judo Canada is pleased to announce the hiring of Patrick Esparbès as Chief Operating Officer. He will officially begin his new position as of November 7th, 2016.  

A former Judo National Team member, Mr. Esparbès previously lead Judo Québec for over 12 years. In 2012, he left Judo Québec and became Chief Operating Officer of the Fédération de soccer du Québec, then became Chief Executive Officer there. Patrick Esparbès is also one of the founders of TVGO, a company specializing in the web broadcasting of sports and cultural events.

“Patrick Esparbès is a considerable asset to our federation, and his experience as Chief Executive Officer at Judo Quebec, and then with the Fédération de soccer du Québec , make him a great ‘wingman’ for Nicolas Gill. I am pleased to welcome him back to the judo family,” commented Mike Tamura, Judo Canada’s President of the Board of Directors.

Named Chief Executive Officer only two weeks ago, Nicolas Gill wanted to surround himself with a trustworthy team. “As soon as I determined my needs and defined the tasks I have to accomplish, it became clear to me. With his immense experience in management in judo and his knowledge of the sport, Patrick Esparbès is a unique candidate,” confirmed the former Head Coach of the National Team. “It’s a kind of homecoming, since judo is a sport he’s been involved in as an athlete, coach, and manager.”

“I am thrilled to once again be working for my sport, my family!” commented Patrick Esparbès. “Several challenges and projects lie ahead of us, and it’s very motivating to be actively participating in them. I learned a lot from soccer community in Quebec and Canada, and that experience will be put to work for Judo Canada. Some winning formulas may indeed be borrowed!”

Possessing a Bachelors in Administration, Esparbès will handily support Nicolas Gill in a number of matters. “Patrick will focus – among other things – on promoting Judo Canada, and on finding sponsors. He will also be in charge of membership, which is a substantial project to manage in the long-term,’ added the Chief Executive Officer.

Tiffany Hunting To Replace Marie-Claude Dion

Patrick Esparbès is not the only new face at Judo Canada, as physiotherapist Tiffany Hunting will be joining the medical team. Hunting will replace Head Therapist Marie-Claude Dion, who left her position this fall.

A graduate of McGill University’s Bachelors of Physiotherapy program, the rugby player has notably worked with the Short Track Speed Skating National Team.

“Tiffany has experience working with national teams, in addition to coming from a contact sport background; these are the things that distinguished her as a candidate,” said Nicolas Gill.

In addition to being based at the INS Québec (National Sport Institute) in Montreal, Tiffany Hunting will follow Canadian judokas as they travel to international tournaments.

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