Pre-Selection U18 World Championships

Étienne Briand secures bronze in Germany
29 December 2020
Louis Krieber-Gagnon Cadet Judo World Champion
29 December 2020

Judo Canada announces the pre-selection of the following athletes for the Cadet (U18) World Championships:

         -52 kg – Jessica Klimkait

         +70kg – Ana Laura Portuondo

         -81kg – Louis Kreiber Gagnon

 The remaining team members will be selected after the 2013 U18 Nationals in Richmond, BC.

 Judo Canada wants to remind all potential team members that the following training camps are mandatory to confirm your selection for the U18 Worlds.

1) July 8-10 post nationals training camp

2) July 29-Aug 5 U18 team training camp at NTC in Montreal prior to departure for Miami




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