Strong Performance From Canada in Kata

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Montreal, April 25, 2019 – The Canadian team showed up and performed on Wednesday at the Pan-American Kata Championships in Lima, in Peru.

For the first time in history, the tournament was part of the selection process to compete at the 2019 Kata World Championships held in Chungju, in South Korea, in September. Continental quotas were added this year, and with the results of the Canadian team, at least 4 different pairs should be qualified in 5 of the 10 events for the Americas.

“With the selection going on, the level of performance was very high, and our team offered a brilliant performance,” said Nicolas Gill, CEO and High Performance Director of Judo Canada, obviously pleased with their results.

Ju No Kata Aiko Lachaine/Danielle Ferland Gold
Kime No Kata Gordon Okamura/Kelly Palmer Gold
Kodokan Goshin Jutsu Allyn Takahashi/Raj Venugopal Gold
Katame No Kata Gordon Okamura/Kelly Palmer Silver
Kodokan Goshin Jutsu Martin Vallières/Patrick Roffi Bronze
Kime No Kata Martin Vallières/Patrick Roffi NR


With the Kata tournament now over, the Pan American Senior Championships 2019 will start today and continue until Saturday with the best athletes in the Americas competing for continental titles.


Written by Sarah Mailhot for Judo Canada


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