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21 June 2022
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2 July 2022

In 2022, as in many organizations and businesses across Canada, Judo Canada is no exception and unfortunately, several changes in the administrative team of the national office have taken place recently.

It is with a heavy heart that we hereby announce the departure of Nicolas Brisson and Zachary Pilling from Judo Canada.

Nicolas Brisson was hired by Judo Canada for a period of three months to help with the organization of the 2019 Montreal Grand Prix. His passion for judo led us to hire him in July 2019 as Sport Development & Event Manager, a position that later evolved into the Domestic Programs & Events Director. We sincerely thank him for his commitment and dedication to our federation.

Zachary Pilling was hired last December as National Office and Operations Assistant. Zachary spent a short time at Judo Canada, but his professionalism and thoroughness were greatly appreciated.

We wish both of them all the best in their professional careers.

We must also announce with great regret but with a lot of affection that in August, after a little more than 13 years at the service of Judo Canada in the position of Accounting, Grading and Membership Services Coordinator, our dear Francine Latreille will be able to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. She will be missed by the team but will leave behind an impeccable accounting structure.

Therefore, following these departures, Judo Canada had to proceed to a thorough review of its daily practices in order to make effective and adequate changes in the structure of its staff and thus reconstitute a performing team adapted to the reality of 2022.

We are therefore pleased to announce the hiring of two new employees.

Franck Moussima has been hired as Sports Development Coordinator. Franck is a former Cameroonian Olympic athlete (2004 and 2008), two-time African Champion and silver medallist at the University Games in 2007. He has held numerous national coaching positions in Cameroon, Swaziland and Botswana under the auspices of the IJF. He is also an expert of the IJF Academy since 2015, specifically in coach training and evaluation seminars. His great expertise will be put to good use and we are very happy to have him join our permanent team.

Danielle Boulanger will complete the new administrative team 2.0 as the Member Services Manager. Danielle has previously worked with Judo Canada on a few occasions in 2019 during the Canada Cup and Montreal Grand Prix, and more recently in 2022 during the Canadian Open Championships in Montreal. Danielle has extensive professional experience in project/program and event management. She is a dedicated leader with a strong background in the Canadian sport industry, committee leadership, logistics and team management. Danielle is sure to be a great asset to our organization. 

Please join us in welcoming them to the Judo Canada team!

For more information on Judo Canada staff: https://judocanada.org/staff/

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