2022 Veteran World Championships Registration

2022 Kata World Championships Selection
8 July 2022
Bronze for Jessica Klimkait in Budapest
8 July 2022

You will find below, the information for the Veterans World Championship which will take place in Krakow, Poland from September 8 to 11, 2022.

Registration, travel and accommodation arrangements are under your responsibility.

Please read and follow the instructions below carefully.

Please note that health measures may change at any time.

  1. The trip is at your own expense
  2. For people who are adequately vaccinated according to the IJF, it will be necessary to do 1 pre-departure PCR test + 1 antigen at the arrival (no quarantine). For people who are not adequately vaccinated, it will be necessary do to 1 pre-departure PCR test + 1PCR test at the arrival (quarantine until the result)
    (you will find below, more information about the vaccine)
  3. You must provide to Judo Canada the proof of your vaccine: [email protected]
  4. If the event is cancelled or if a participant contract covid, they are responsible for all costs incurred.
  5. You must have travel medical insurance that covers covid.
  6. All participants must stay at the official hotel of the event (min 2 nights). You are responsible for making your reservations. To do so, you must create an account: www.judokrakow2022.com and follow the step.
  7. Have a signed and approved individual Liability Release Waiver (LRW) and send to: [email protected] before August 1st
  8. Participants are responsible for purchasing their own airfare. You must send a copy before August 1st to mh.chisholm@judocanada . It is necessary to Judo Canada have this information to complete the information required for the IJF
  9. For those who have not paid the IJF fee for this season, Judo Canada will invoice you after receiving the fee
  10. You must complete your registration using the following link: https://judocanada.org/international-event-registration/ before August 1st.

To be eligible, athletes must be members in good standing of Judo Canada and must not have any outstanding debts with Judo Canada or their Provincial Association. All applications must be approved by the provincial association of the applicant.

2022 Liability Release Waiver- COVID-19




IJF – Vaccine information

Event Outline



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