VOLUNTEER POSITION: Member of the Risk Management Committee

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11 February 2024
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16 February 2024

Judo Canada is seeking highly qualified individuals to join its Risk Management Committee. If you are passionate about judo and have expertise in areas such as law, finance, security, operations, or other relevant fields, this opportunity is for you!

Committee Objective:

The Risk Management Committee of Judo Canada plays a crucial role in enhancing organizational performance by monitoring high-level risks associated with Judo Canada’s activities, operations, and initiatives, in accordance with its risk management policy.


The committee consists of three to five members, each bringing specific expertise. Members include the Chief Executive Officer of Judo Canada, as well as the treasurer of the board of directors or an individual well-versed in financial and legal risks.


Committee members will be responsible for providing guidance and advice on risk management processes for Judo Canada. This includes reviewing and approving the mandate, examining documents related to risk management, communicating risk information to the board of directors and other committees, maintaining the primary risk register, and much more.

Member Engagement:

Committee members must be willing to work by consensus, take on specific responsibilities, participate in regular meetings, and respond to contribution requests within reasonable deadlines.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in being part of Judo Canada’s Risk Management Committee and contributing to the organization’s success, please send your CV to Nicolas Gill n.gill@judocanada.org by April 15, 2024.

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