A Judo Novel by Canadian Authors

Kyle Reyes becomes first Canadian to win a world junior title
29 December 2020
Five Canadians on the podium at the Pan-American Championships
29 December 2020


CHUTES is the first work of teen fiction about judo. It is unique. The authors wanted to convey the spirit of judo to readers from 11 years and up, explain its challenges, its goals and its benefits in a fresh and dynamic way. Claire is 13 years old and she learned judo in Montréal. When she learns from her mother that they are moving to Yellowknife, she is perplexed. “It’s so far away, they don’t even talk about it on the Weather Channel” she thinks. She is surprised to find out that there are judo clubs in the NWT. Ryan is a 350-pound giant and he’s only 13. He’s from Fort Simpson in the Northwest Territories and he will be forced to learn judo as part of an extra-judicial diversion measure. Claire and Ryan will find each in their own way that judo is more than a sport; it’s a way of life, a community, a family.

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