Nerves Got the Best of Canadian Judokas

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29 December 2020
Same Fate for Three Canadian Team Members
29 December 2020

Montreal, October 16, 2019 – Both Canadians in action on the first day of Junior World Championships have known the same fate on Wednesday in Marrakech. Taeya Koliaska (-52 kg) and Hakim Chala (-60 kg) were eliminated after their first fight.

After getting a bye through the first round, the Albertan was defeated by ippon by Moroccan Khadija Saadi Drissi, a favourite of the crowd, 3 minutes into the contest.

“She scored in the beginning of the fight and it was going well, but then she couldn’t manage her lead and created an opening for her opponent,” explained Canadian coach Jean-Pierre Cantin about the Cadet continental vice-champion in 2016.

Hakim Chala was also eliminated during his first fight, against Mongolian Temuujin Ganburged. The Montrealer, who had scored a waza-ari at the beginning of the fight, was defeated by ippon.

“His opponent was a Youth Olympic Games medallist [silver medallist in 2018 in Buenos Aires], but he was a cadet then. Hakim could have won, and the beginning of the bout was good,” said Cantin.

“Taeya and Hakim were nervous, they’ll have things to work on at home. They took it too seriously; Worlds are just like any other tournament. They were too nervous and didn’t perform at the level they usually can. We’re hoping to get further on Thursday. I feel good about this.”

Kelly Taylor (-57 kg), Isabelle Harris (-63 kg), Alicia Fiandor (-63 kg) and Daniel Chosack-Barkay (-73 kg) will be representing Canada on Thursday.


Written by Sportcom for Judo Canada
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