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Montreal, August 8, 2019 – The Pan American Games might have started over two weeks ago in Lima, but Thursday was the first day on the tatamis. Marie Besson was the first Canadian judoka in action and placed in seventh place in -52 kg.

The day ended after two defeats for the Quebecoise. The athlete, ranked 64th in the world, first faced Peruvian Brillith Gamarra Carbajal, ranked 48th, who defeated her with a questionable waza-ari according to her coach, Jean-Pierre Cantin.

“She was scored on with a questionable point and her opponent was very defensive afterwards, so Marie couldn’t get back in. The fight was going pretty well until then. She had a good kumikata and was keeping the pressure on,” said the national team coach.

Besson’s day wasn’t over, as she went into repechage to fight against Diana De Jesus. De Jesus also defeated the only Canadian judoka in action today. “It wasn’t a bad fight, but she was surprised in the beginning,” explained Jean-Pierre Cantin. “Once again, she put a lot of pressure in kumikata and chained numerous attacks, but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to score.”

Brazilian Larissa Pimenta was crowned champion in the -52 kg category after the finale against Mexican Luz Olvera. The bronze medals were awarded to Cuban Nahomys Acosta Batte and Panamanian Kristine Jimenez.

Jacob Valois (-66 kg) and Bradley Langlois (-73 kg) will be under the spotlight in Lima on Friday.


Written by Sportcom for Judo Canada

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