VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Member of the Nominating Committee of Judo Canada

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29 December 2020
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29 December 2020

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Member of the Nominating Committee of Judo Canada

Judo Canada is seeking three (3) volunteers to join our Nomination Committee for 2019-20.


The general mandate of the Nomination Committee (the “Committee”) is to generate a strong pool of candidates for director positions on the Board and advise the Board and the Members of the candidates best qualified to meet the needs of Judo Canada.


The Committee shall be comprised of three (3) members. At least one (1) member must be a current director who is not seeking office in the upcoming election. At least one (1) member must be external to the Judo Canada Board, Committee or Staff (i.e., a Registrant or other individual). The composition of the Committee should serve to advance Judo Canada’s commitment to the principle of diversity and should reflect the diverse nature of Judo Canada.

Members of the Committee will be appointed by the Board. Each member shall serve until his or her successor is appointed, unless he or she resigns or is removed by the Board. The Board shall fill any vacancy. The Chair of the Committee will be designated by the Board.


The Committee reports to the Board of Directors.

The Committee will:

  • Solicit and recruit individuals to serve as candidates for election to the Board of Judo Canada;
  • Recommend to the Board and the Members which candidates are qualified to suit the objectives and needs of Judo Canada; and
  • If designated such authority by the Board, recommend to the Board an individual to fill any vacancy on the Board.


The Committee shall:

  • Work with the Board to determine the specific and desired competencies and skills the Board considers necessary for the Board to possess;
  • Formulate criteria for candidates after considering the competencies of each existing Director;
  • Develop a search plan which meets the criteria established by the Board and addresses: (i) scope of the search (internal/external, provincial/national); (ii) methods of soliciting nominations; (iii) target dates for completing each stage of the search process and the schedule of reporting; (iv) the number of candidates to be recommended; (v) the key qualifications and competencies necessary for the position(s);
  • Canvass current Board members for suggestions for candidates;
  • Identify a potential pool of candidates for Board membership from diverse professional and personal backgrounds who combine a broad spectrum of experience and expertise with a reputation for integrity;
  • Consider, when suggesting new candidates, whether each new candidate can devote sufficient time and resources to his or her duties as a director;
  • Ensure that all candidates meet the eligibility requirements for directors, as described in the Bylaws;
  • Make recommendations to the Board and the Members, within the legal timelines prescribed by the Bylaws, with respect to the nominees up for election;
  • Ensure that the nomination list consists of at least one third (33%) of individuals from the minority gender identity;
  • Recommend to the Members that they elect individuals in such a manner that the composition of the Board consists of at least two (2) individuals of the minority gender identity;
  • Work to ensure there is a succession plan for the positions of President, Treasurer, General‑Secretary and Vice‑President; and
  • If designated such authority by the Board, seek out and recommend an individual (using similar processes as described above) to fill any vacancy on the Board for the remainder of the vacant term.


  • This is an annual term with the possibility for renewal.
  • Meetings of the committee are mostly facilitated through electronic and teleconference communication.
  • Excluding the travel load, the position also requires about 20 hours per year.

Applicants must send a letter of interest and their resume by email to [email protected] before May 1, 2019.



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