Antoine Valois-Fortier claims the gold in Mongolia!

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Montreal, July 4, 2015 – Antoine Valois-Fortier snatched the gold medal on Saturday, at the Ulaanbaatar Judo Grand Prix, in Mongolia.

“It wasn’t one of my best days in terms of throwing, but I’m happy I won,” said the 25-year-old after beating Hungary’s Attila Ungvari in the final match. “It’s a good sign, especially two months before the World Championships.” Ungvari, 44th in the world, was penalized twice in the bout, whereas Valois-Fortier received only one penalty.

Earlier on in the day, the Beauport native, ranked second in the world, disposed of his first two opponents, British Tom Reed, 67th, and Iranian Saeid Mollaei, 93rd, by getting them to take three penalties each. 

The semifinal saw Valois-Fortier score a waza-ari against local favourite Dagvasuren Nyamsuren, 29th, and qualify for the fight for the gold. “It was an intense bout. The whole crowd was against me,” he said. 

The Quebec judoka took advantage of his Grand Prix experience to pinpoint the technical aspects that need working on in the months leading to the World Championships.  “I especially have to diversify the direction of my attacks,” said the athlete, who will be back on the tatami in two weeks, at the Grand Slam of Tyumen, Russia. 


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