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29 December 2020
Same Fate for Three Canadian Team Members
29 December 2020

Montreal, September 27, 2019 – On the third day of the Cadet World Championships, held in Almaty, in Kazakhstan, the Canadian team gained a lot of experience and learned lessons that will be useful in the future careers of the judokas in action on Friday.

“It was a difficult day. It started out well and then some poor gripping decisions, lack of strength, intensity and patience caused for some quick loses for the team,” commented coach Ewan Beaton. “I think that they are learning about the intensity needed and the commitment to powerful attacks. There is a lot of work to be done on the mats back in Canada. The intensity has to happen in daily training.”

The only male athlete representing Canada on Friday, Payton Harris, was eliminated in the preliminaries in -81 kg after one victory and one loss, both by ippon. The Canadian won against American Alexander Knauf and lost against Kazakh Mukhammedali Mavlidov.

“In his first match, Payton came back to secure the victory over the American with a throw and then a pin. It was a good match and he showed good spirit to respond after being scored on. In his second match, he made a gripping mistake and was thrown on the second exchange of the match,” said Beaton.

In -63 kg, Jordann Warner had a score of one victory and one loss. She won in the first round by ippon against Azerbaijani Aytaj Aliyeva, before being defeated by ippon by Turk Ayten Yeksan.

“Jordan had an excellent first match as she dominated her opponent in the standing and then catching her on the ground. In the second match, her opponent was very aggressive, always attacking and changing her angle. Jordan could not keep the pace,” said the Canadian team coach.

Also fighting in this category, Emma Caldwell was eliminated by ippon in less than a minute by Turk Habibe Afyonlu.

“She had a very difficult draw, losing to the eventual world champion. The Turkish girl was very aggressive countering Emma’s first attack, and then throwing her in the next exchange.”

Finally, in -57 kg, the two Canadians were eliminated in their first bout. Kiera Westlake lost after 10 seconds against Uzbek Shukurjon Aminova, and Eibhleann Alexander was defeated by Mongolian Namuundalai Altankhundaga.

“Kiera was caught off balance on the first exchange of the match and was thrown for ippon. It was a very unfortunate loss for her, because she has had a very good preparation. The match started out well. Eibhleann scored a waza-ari at the mid-point of the match. Unfortunately, she was fatigued and the Mongolian athlete was able to score in the last seconds of the bout,” commented Ewan Beaton.

The Cadet World Championships will continue on Saturday. Brae Booth (-70 kg), Alexandria Lefort (-70 kg), Asia Douglas (+70 kg), Amr Abd Elrehim (-90 kg) and Simon Popov (+90 kg) will be in action.


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