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Montreal, May 4, 2017 – Judo Canada is proud to announce that an agreement has been signed with its first private sponsor: www.biosports.team . This exclusive trademark, which belongs to Canadian company BioGreen Solutions Canada Inc., specializes in disinfection services and protection against viruses and bacteria. In addition to providing financial support for a period of three years, biosports.team will provide its disinfection services to Canada’s best judokas by ensuring competition surfaces are well protected.

“We are enthusiastic and proud to partner with Judo Canada as its official sponsor. In our opinion, Judo Canada ranks among the finest sports federations and biosports.team is very excited about this alliance,” stated Stéphane Giroux, President of BioGreen Solutions Canada Inc.

The partnership with biosports.team adds a new dimension to the image of Judo Canada’s largest national competition: The biosports.team Canadian Open Judo Championships will take place in Calgary later this month, from May 25 to 28. Biosports.team, existing sponsor of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, will benefit from international exposure through this new contract since its logo will appear on the uniforms of the members of the national judo team as they participate in international competitions from now through the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Nicolas Gill, CEO of Judo Canada, sees the new agreement in a positive light, particularly because it will provide support to cadet level athletes who do not receive the governmental support that is available to junior and senior level athletes.

Nicolas Gill and Antoine Valois-Fortier
with Stéphane Giroux (biosports.team)

“Through this new alliance, we are demonstrating that we are open to creating partnerships with a number of sponsors to increase private funding for our federation. We hope that our new partner is the first of several that will join forces with us,” stated Gill.

According to the former athlete and coach, a controlled environment is an important element in preparing high-level athletes. “Biosports.team will enable us to be a leader among Canadian sports federations in ensuring that our top athletes are better protected. We want to do everything we can to provide them with a safe, sanitary environment. This agreement provides us with both services and financial support. We’re thrilled to see this level of interest in our sport and our federation.”

About biosports.team

biosports.team – What is it? biosports.team is a revolutionary disinfectant system used to combat viral infections in sports facilities.  The service uses a low-volume vaporization that reaches every corner of a sports facility as well as athletes’ equipment and gear, which are practically impossible with any current “hand cleaning” method.   biosports.team acts as a preventive safeguard for athletes and their environments.  The service supplements regular cleaning habits in place.  biosports.team is not a cleaning company.  Unlike surface cleaning or air purifying machines that stand still in a room and filter the air, biosports.team and its unique vaporizing system attacks airborne viruses and bacteria, capable of targeting large areas, and using Health Canada approved products.


Information :
Patrick Esparbès
Chief Operating Officer
(514) 668-6279
[email protected]


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