Jukado Becomes Official Supplier to Judo Canada

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29 December 2020
18 January 2021

Jukado Becomes Official Supplier to Judo Canada

Montréal, December 18, 2020 – Judo Canada is proud to announce that Jukado will be its official equipment supplier for the next four years.

As of the next major tournaments, Canada’s top judokas will hit the tatamis in judogis made by Adidas, one of the many brands distributed by the Montréal-based company, which has been involved in judo since 1963.

“For decades, Jukado has been supporting individual athletes. Now, we’ll supply the entire national team with uniforms for the next four years, including for the Tokyo Olympic Games,” Jukado president Joël Boucher stated proudly. “For us, it feels a bit like coming home, since we’ve always partnered with Judo Canada in different capacities. Now it’s official and we’re going big.” 

“Jukado was created in 1963 and has been involved in the development of our sport since day one,” said Mike Tamura, president of Judo Canada. “Founder Raymond Damblant is an important member of our Hall of Fame and has been a builder of our sport in Canada and around the world. Having Jukado back as our official partner and sponsor is more than simply a business relationship. It’s like having a family member back at the table and a proud ambassador and partner for our team, the provinces and the clubs across Canada. Given the current judo situation in Canada, we’re thankful to president Joël Boucher for this major support and commitment to our community.’’

Jukado will also operate Judo Canada’s online boutique, where fans can buy Judo Canada branded equipment and promotional items. Judo Canada members and affiliated clubs will be entitled to discounts on various products and services, including judogi embroidery by Jammo, a Jukado subsidiary.

As North America’s largest judo equipment supplier, Jukado has several years of e-commerce experience and will be able to meet the demand, even during full or partial lockdowns.


“We have the logistics in place to provide the service, so it will be much easier for Judo Canada members to purchase products. We already ship packages across the country and to the United States, France and Japan every day,” confirmed Boucher. 



Patrick Esparbès
Chief Operating Officer
Judo Canada
(514) 668-6279
[email protected]


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