VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Member of the Nomination Committee – External Member

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VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Member of the Nomination Committee – External member

The members of the Committee shall have no vested interests in the election of Board members and shall be independent. Open to Non-Judo Canada Members.


  • work with the Board to determine the competencies and skills the Board considers necessary for the Board to possess;
  • formulate criteria for candidates after considering the competencies of each existing director;
  • work with the Board to develop a search plan which meets the criteria established by the Board and addresses: (i) scope of the search (internal/external, provincial/national), (ii) methods of soliciting nominations; (iii) target dates for completing each stage of the search process and the schedule of reporting; (iv) the number of candidates to be recommended; (v) the key qualifications and competencies necessary for the position and budget considerations and then execute the plan;
  • canvass current Board members for suggestions for candidates;
  • identify a potential pool of candidates for Board membership from diverse professional and personal backgrounds who combine a broad spectrum of experience and expertise with a reputation for integrity;
  • consider, when suggesting new nominees, whether each new nominee can devote sufficient time and resources to his or her duties as a member of the Board;
  • make recommendations to the Board with respect to director nominees for election;
  • establish the procedure for approaching prospective candidates;
  • approach nominees to ascertain their willingness to serve as a member of the Board; and
  • ensure there is a succession plan for the positions of President, Treasurer and Vice-President(s) of the JC; and
  • if engaged by the Board, interview and research those directors interested in the Vice-President position and provide to the Board, for its consideration, a report which addresses the criteria set forth in the Guidelines for the Appointment of Vice-President(s).


  • This is an annual term with the possibility for renewal.
    Meetings of the committee are mostly facilitated through electronic and teleconference communication.
    Excluding the travel load, the position also requires about 20 hours per year.

Send your introduction letter and CV to (before September 15th) : [email protected]


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