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28 February 2022
6 March 2022

We are proud to announce that the 2022 recipients of the Brad Farrow Bursarys are Laurence Biron (Club de judo de Varennes, QC), David Popovici (Club de judo Shidokan inc., QC) and Justine Simard (Club de judo Métropolitain inc., QC).

The three recipients of the Brad Farrow Burserys will each receive $1500.

“Laurence, David and Justine have persevered despite the difficult training conditions since the beginning of the pandemic. Their great determination and resilience during the pandemic have allowed them to improve dramatically and aspire to reach the highest summet in the near future!” Mentioned Judo Canada’s national coach Antoine Valois-Fortier.

Laurence Biron, David Popovici and Justine Simard the recipients of the 2022 Brad Farrow Scholarships.

About the Brad Farrow Bursary

For the 15th year, the Brad Farrow Bursary is awarded to promising non-carded student athletes who demonstrate a commitment and dedication to training to help them pursue their athletic careers, develop their full potential and achieve their dreams. Since 2007 it is 60 000$ that has been distributed to numerous athletes.

Brad Farrow was inducted into the Judo Canada Hall of Fame as an athlete in 1997 for his outstanding performance during his national team career. His outstanding results include: Three-time Olympic team member and eleven-time Canadian champion. Mr. Farrow wanted to give back to his sport and this bursary is entirely dependent on his contribution.

On behalf of the recipient athletes, Judo Canada extends a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Farrow for his generosity.

In accordance with its mission and vision, Judo Canada strives to provide the best environment for athletes at all levels to perform and enjoy the practice of judo. You can help us make a difference by donating here.


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