Jeff Allen Wins Silver in Kraków

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10 September 2022
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11 September 2022

Montréal, September 11, 2022 – The Veteran World Championships, being held in Kraków, Poland, were kind to Jeff Allen this weekend. The Canadian judoka earned his home country’s best result at the tournament, clinching the silver medal in the over-100 kg division in the 35-39 age group.

Photo: IJF / Sabau Gabriela

After defeating Zoltan Pentek of Hungary in the first round, Allen disposed of Georgia’s Avtandil Nukradze in the semi-final to advance to the gold medal bout. In the grand final, the 37-year-old Canadian lost his only fight of the competition to Daviti Loriashvili of Georgia. He concluded the tournament with the silver medal.

Danick Rocheleau finished fifth in the under-100 kg, 30-34 age group. He began the tournament with a win over Sovir Sharifov of Tajikistan, before losing his semi-final match to Tural Safguliyev of Azerbaijan, who went on to win gold.

Rocheleau then advanced to one of the bronze medal finals, where he bowed out to Fakhriddin Sharipov of Uzbekistan, who threw Rocheleau to the ground with 32 seconds to go in regulation time.

A round robin tournament also took place in Kraków. In the under-66 kg division, Ralph Ibanez placed third, with a record of one win and two losses. The 73-year-old judoka lost to Switzerland’s Heinz Brauer and Germany’s Heinz Nowoisky, but edged out Finland’s Tom Pahlman.

Amanda McAlpine (+78 kg, 40-44 years) faced Italy’s Cristina Magini twice and lost both bouts.


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