Seniors showcase their power and speed in Montreal

One year later, Frédéric De Cardaillac and Catherine Toshkov win the coveted title
21 May 2023
Roger Beauchesne and Seiko Ouchi Honoured
23 May 2023

The stands were packed with supporters at Montreal’s Centre Pierre-Charbonneau on Sunday to attend the 13 senior finals at the Canadian Open Championships. Alexandre Arencibia and Heidi Quach were among those who got the crowd going with their flamboyant victory in the final.

Facing off against Ontario’s Mohab ElNahas in the Under 90 kg final, Arencibia was patient and strategic in forcing his opponent to take two penalties. He then took advantage of an opening to win by ippon after a huge throw.
“Mohab offered a good challenge in the final. My game plan was effective, with the penalties. I think I made him panic a little bit and that worked out well. There were a few times where he was putting his hand up high, so I waited for the right moment and was able to land that big throw,” said Arencibia, moments after his victory.
Arencibia and ElNahas have faced each other many times in the last few years, the Ontarian having the upper hand in their last meeting at the 2021 Quebec Open.
“I know his style well and knew what to expect today (Sunday)! After losing to Mohab, I really wanted to take revenge and didn’t miss my opportunity,” said Arencibia.
The 2022 Canadian Open Champion was very happy to successfully defend his title at home in Quebec.
“It gives me butterflies in my stomach to have the chance to defend my title, I’m really happy. It’s awesome to fight at home in front of family and friends, it’s really great.”
Heidi Quach wins in an expedited fashion
While Alexandre Arencibia’s power wowed the crowd in his final, Heidi Quach stood out for her speed of execution. The Quebec native needed only eight seconds to win the gold medal in the Under 48 kg category.
After winning silver last year at the Canadian Open Championships, Quach had a clear game plan for her tilt against her friend and training partner Marie-Lune Turmel, and she stuck to it.
“I knew from the start that I was going to attack quickly, because that’s really my technique. I felt I had a good grip and was able to successfully land the throw,” said Quach.
“Marie-Lune is a friend first and foremost. This isn’t the first time we’ve competed against each other and it’s always special. I want her to know that I am proud of her and I really like her,” she added.
To reach the final, Quach defeated British Columbians Kimiko Kamstra and Ekaterina Danilkov early in the day before beating Quebec’s Monica Ortiz in the semi-finals.
“I’m so tired! We started late this morning and were in the last group to finish the preliminary round. I was really nervous before the final and when I finally won, I got really emotional. I didn’t know how to celebrate, but I was so happy,” she concluded.

Other gold medals won on Sunday:
-52 kg W: Amélie Grenier (Québec)
-57 kg W: Catherine Toshkov (Québec)
-63 kg W: Isabelle Harris (Québec)
-70 kg W: Laurence Biron (Québec)
+78 kg W: Coralie Godbout (Québec)
-60 kg M: Raphael Gaanan (British Columbia)
-66 kg M: Julien Frascadore (Québec)
-73 kg M: Félix Mercier-Ross (Québec)
-81 kg M: Jumber Meladze (Ontario)
-100 kg M: Benjamin Kendrick (Ontario)
+100 kg M: John Jr Messé A Bessong (Québec)
Tous les résultats sont disponibles sur le site de Judo Canada.


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