Patrick Esparbès

17 September 2021

From Nunavut to Argentina: Training without Borders for Judo Canada

The folks at Judo Canada never dreamed that by promoting the federation’s self-defence training program, they would create a link between Nunavut and Argentina. It all […]
16 September 2021

Many roads lead to judo – that’s what Newfoundland and Labrador’s Eileen Parsons has found

There’s no age limit to start judo, and no special path you have to take to get involved – at least, that’s what Newfoundland and Labrador’s Eileen […]
15 September 2021

Robin Enman – getting Prince Edward Island ready to host the Canada Games

 Prince Edward Island is getting ready to take on the exciting and significant task of hosting the Winter 2023 Canada Games. Wondering how the judo bouts […]
14 September 2021

Judo in the Northwest Territories: Chantal Steitzer is dreaming big!

High-level judo in the Northwest Territories? Absolutely! As a matter of fact, for the past several years Chantal Steitzer has been doing exactly that as part of her […]


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