Learning Module on Concussion

Burt and Chala Shine at Canada Cup
29 December 2020
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29 December 2020

In consistency with the values promoted for all  sport activities in Canada,  we are strongly encouraging all judo coaches to update your knowledge on the issues related to head injuries.  The latest information on this topic is available now to coaches of all sports via an eLearning module offered by the Coaching Association of Canada

The Learning Module on Concussion is available via the CAC website at: https://www.coach.ca/-p153487

This module is offered for free to all coaches registered in the LOCKER. All certified coaches will automatically receive PD points one this course is competed.

  1. Coaches who are familiar with the LOCKER:  sign in to your personal profile and choose the E-learning option from the top menu.  Choose the “Making Head Way” generic option.
  1. Coaches registered in the LOCKER but not familiar with it –  How to get there:
  • Go to the www.coach.ca
  • Go to “Coach Training” tab and scroll down to E-learning opportunities
  • Click on the “Making Head Way” module  and choose the generic option – this will direct you to your LOCKER sign in page.  You have to sign in and then choose the Making Head Way module – generic option.  YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR CC # TO SIGN INTO THE LOCKER.  If you forgot your password and  require assistance you may contact the CAC staff at [email protected]


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