Sherwood Ford Renews Sponsorship Program

Burt and Chala Shine at Canada Cup
29 December 2020
Canadians are up against strong competitors in Baku
29 December 2020

Judo Canada is proud to announce the renewal of the sponsorship program with Sherwood Ford (AB) of “The Giant” Canadian Circuit Ranking 2019. “This program was a great success last year to promote the Canadian Circuit events, increase the participation of our best Canadian athletes of all ages and rewards top national performers with bursaries,” said Nicolas Gill. “The Open Nationals 2018 in Calgary saw an increase of over 100 participants.”

How does it work?
The top male and female performer will each receive a $2,500 bursary. In case of a tie, the bursary will be split evenly between the athletes. For this edition, points will be counted from the Eastern Canadian Championships 2018 to the Canada Cup 2019. The points cumulated for this program will have no impact on the carding and selection of national teams.

Point System
Points will be awarded as illustrated in this chart:

50 bonus points will be awarded to an athlete who competes in 7 different competitions of the circuit (Ex: Qc Open Sr and JR is only 1 competition).
50 bonus points will be awarded to an athlete who wins 8 medals during the circuit.
75 bonus points will be awarded to an athlete who wins 9 or more medals during the circuit.

A minimum of 2 wins is required to get the full points in an event. 1 win only allows 50% of the points. Point cumulated in any weight class will count, making it possible to change weight classes during the tour. However, the weight classes are limited to the IJF Senior weight classes. There are no limits of events in which an athlete can compete to cumulate points.

Mark Hicks, owner and operator of Sherwood Ford, is very excited to be a part of this program. “I’ve been involved with judo since I was a young child, and I continue to have a high interest in the success and growth of our sport. Participation in the Canadian circuit events exposes all competitors to a high quality of judo, a high-level competition and something to aspire to. No matter your generation, someone you watched motivated you to strive for success in our sport. Sherwood Ford looks forward to continuing support of deserving Canadian athletes and to help motivate participation by all in the lifelong, skill building, sport of judo.”