MTM Medical Tronik Joins the Team

SELECTION- Elite National Championships- 2018
29 December 2020
29 December 2020

Montreal, November 28, 2017 – MTM Medical Tronik—a company that sells a broad range of Canadian medical products—is now Judo Canada’s official supplier of physiotherapy equipment.

“Both MTM Medical Tronik and I are proud to officially partner with Canadian athletes in their quest for success. For over 31 years, our business has put a lot of energy into supporting Quebec’s developing athletes,” stated Marie-Ève Ouellet, account manager at MTM Medical Tronik.

“For us, Judo Canada symbolizes hard work, perseverance, precision, and discipline, all of which are values that MTM has upheld and encouraged since its very beginnings,” she added. “The athletes, coaches, and therapists, as well as all the other team members who work so hard to contribute to Judo Canada’s success, can count on our support and availability as we pursue our common goal: to meet objectives and reach for the top.”

MTM Medical Tronik has been a recognized player in the sale and service of medical imaging equipment in Quebec since 1986. Over the years, the business has grown and diversified into numerous medical fields including chiropractic, physiotherapy, and geriatrics.

“We purchase a lot of physiotherapy equipment every year. Our newest ally will therefore have an important role to play, especially since its delivery and its products are of very high quality. We hope our new partnership will last for many years,” affirmed Nicolas Gill, Chief Executive Officer and High Performance Director at Judo Canada.

Not Just for the National Teams

Not only will members of the national teams be able to benefit directly from this new partnership through discounts on sports medicine equipment, but so will the members of judo clubs across the country.

“This agreement benefits all judo clubs and provincial judo organizations, not only our elite athletes. It’s well-known that in judo, everybody buys physiotherapy equipment. We focus on partnerships that benefit everyone and that have a direct impact on our members,” added Gill.



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