29 December 2010

Olympic medal expectations for Tokyo

Hans van Essen (NED) is the editor in chief and creative content provider for Judo Inside. As journalist Van Essen visited a countless number of events. […]
29 December 2009

Dual Nationality — When Elsewhere is Within Yourself

Anthony Diao Judoka since 1986 and black belt since 1995, this French journalist born in the United States grew up on three continents. He holds a […]
29 December 2008

Judo as Self-Defence – Mental and Physical Reflex

Judo as Self-Defence – Mental and Physical Reflex By Monica Lin Morishita I have always wondered how effective judo is as a method of self-defence. All […]
29 December 2007

Someone to whom I owe so much

Bernard Letendre Head of Wealth and Asset Management, Canada Manulife Bernard Letendre has been practicing judo for almost 37 years and trained for 30 years at […]


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