29 December 2020

Sherwood Ford Renews Sponsorship Program

Judo Canada is proud to announce the renewal of the sponsorship program with Sherwood Ford (AB) of “The Giant” Canadian Circuit Ranking 2022. “This program was […]
29 December 2020

Learning Module on Concussion

In consistency with the values promoted for all  sport activities in Canada,  we are strongly encouraging all judo coaches to update your knowledge on the issues […]
29 December 2020

Guica and Deguchi Win Bronze, Klimkait Places Fifth in Budapest

Montréal, August 10, 2018 – Canadian judokas Ecaterina Guica and Christa Deguchi stood on the third step of the podium during the Budapest Grand Prix on Friday, while Jessica Klimkait […]
29 December 2020

Zupancic and Margelidon Wins Bronze

Montreal, August 11, 2018 – Ontarian Kelita Zupancic and Quebecois Arthur Margelidon made their way to the third step of the podium on the second day of the Budapest […]


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