A Historic Annual General Meeting

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On June 11th, the 2022 Annual meeting of Judo Canada took place in virtual format, for a third consecutive year. A format which, following the pandemic, remains not only current but also well adapted to the reality of our great country. A major item on the agenda was the adoption of new by-law’s No. 1.

Following the release of the COC Canadian Sport Governance Code and the Sport Canada Governance Bulletin, Judo Canada immediately initiated a governance review process led by Steven Indig of Sport Law. The process was funded by a COC grant and the resulting proposal that was fully consistent with both documents, was unanimously approved for immediate implementation.

“It was a long and extremely rigorous process that Mr. Indig led. I am confident that this will give us the tools to take Judo Canada to the next level,” said Nicolas Gill, Judo Canada’s CEO and High Performance Director.

In addition to this necessary change of direction, four director positions were up for election, and we congratulate the newly elected directors (two of whom are women) as they start their 4-year term: Ruth Lam (ON), Nancy Jewitt-Filteau (SK), Bernard Letendre (ON) and Miguel Rueda (MB).

They will join the five remaining directors until 2024: Michael Tamura (AB), Alexander Kent (BC), Shu-Tai Cheng (QC), Gérald Poirier (QC) and Aartje Sheffield (BC). It is important to note that in accordance with the new by-laws, the various officers of the Board (President of the board; General Secretary and Treasurer) will be elected at the first meeting of the new Board of Directors. This is a first in this brand-new democratic structure.

We also take this opportunity to warmly thank the four outgoing directors: Vincent Bouchard (2018-22), Daniel De Angelis (2010-22), Donna Hanson (2019-22) and Alfredo Muñoz (2020-22).

“It is with great sadness that I see four friends leaving us, but I strongly encourage them and remain convinced that they will stay involved in our wonderful sport of judo. We still need them,” said outgoing president Michael Tamura.


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